Yes Hello

DECEMBER 17, 2023

It's okay to say 'hello' without any subject

'Time is money', that's a monstrosity. Time is not money, time is the tissue of our life. - AntônioCandido

You don’t necessarily need to have a very important topic or question to send a ‘Hi, How are you?’ to a co-worker on Slack or Discord. No one is so busy that they can't stop for 5 minutes to respond to 'Good Morning'.

Today we live in a tired society where everything is very fast and our time is considered money, but this is not the case, not everything is profit. So, take at least a minute to wait and reply ‘Good morning!’, it won’t interfere with anything.

Basic Tutorial:

  • 9:34 Arthur Dent: Hi Ford, how are you?
  • 9:35 Ford Prefect: Yes, everything is fine!
  • 9:40 Arthur Dent: Ok then :)

After that may come an interesting topic or an important question in your busy workday...